A Guide to buy a DVD Player for your car

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Do you like watching movie?

Well, if you are a person who often traveled by a car, I am sure that you will equipped your car with a DVD Player to avoid the boredom when you are waiting someone or when you get stuck in the middle of terrible traffic jam.

It will be great if you installed the device inside a family car, so when you are having a vacation with your family or your friends, it will be a perfect company for your journey. But always remember not to watch the movie when you are driving and always focus to the road ahead when you are driving, so that the Un-necessary accident can be avoid.

Now, the steps for choosing good DVD Car.

In the market, there are many brands which are offer many features as well as quality, and price, although we cannot deny the fact that if we spend more money, then we could get the better quality.

There are some simple points for us to notice for getting a good DVD Car:

  1. Look forDVD Car
    with features that you want, of course you have to adjust with the budget you have, form that suitable for your car, its battery life, its video quality, its sound quality, etc.

  2. Choose the DVD car which has special features that can produce a good quality image and has an ability to minimize bumps when the vehicle is moving, especially when you have to pass a rough road.

  3. Choose the device that has high flexibility or the one which can be plugged and unplugged easily to avoid thievery.

  4. Read articles about DVD car, you can read it on magazines or you can browse it on the Internet, or simply asking advice and suggestions from your friends who understand about it.

  5. Choose the official distributors and make sure that they understand their products, so that if someday there is a problem, what you have to do, is just simply ask them.

  6. If you want to equip your car with DVD car, choose the workshop which has a good reputation on it. To get a good audio and video quality needs experience on chaining the cables.

  7. Make sure that the warranty is inserted.

  8. For beginners, you should choose the simple and cheaper but functional version

  9. Don’t forget to try it first, and try to understand how to operate it.

Indeed, it will be difficult for beginners to find a good shop, but when I surf on the Internet I found a shop which provide car DVD player, and I suggest you to visit Shop Wiki

I hope this information will be useful for you.

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suryaden mengatakan...

yang jelas ya sesuai kocek dan dapet yang paling bagus dan awet...
pernah beli tapi kecewa juga kalo yang harganya nanggung, emang harus mahal sekalian?
Gimana dapetin yang tahan banting dan sekarang ada yang bagus juga yang pake usb...wow, tapi kadang gak bisa detect flasdisk yang gede...
makasih infonya ya...

antown mengatakan...

sepakat sama komen pertama :D

BlaGaBloGer mengatakan...

@ Suryaden
Iyap, kalo nanggung2 malah biasanya kualitasnya jelek... Iyah, semakin canggih saja sekarang tekhnologi ini... coba cek juga di Shopwiki...

@ antown
Saya juga.... hehehehe

Kompetisi Website Kompas MuDA - IM3 mengatakan...

HEHEH mbak ini dari Sahabat Bumi.

Aku kasih Id itu... ga papa kan..:)

salam kenal juga yaa mbak....
terima kasih telah mampir di blog kami yang sederhana itu..:)


debrian mengatakan...

sukses ya det job na

byme mengatakan...

aku tadi baca lilypad kota apung eh malah nyampe.disini slm kenal yah byme

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